Real time thunderstorm information for all flight phases all over the globe.

Precise hazard detection and forecasts up to 6 hours allow optimization of operational procedures and precautionary measures.

Your benefits

  • Common situational awareness
  • Increased safety
  • Increased comfort due to turbulence avoidance
  • Reduced stress level for crews and ATC
  • Optimization of preautionary measures
  • Optimization of operational procedures
  • Economic flight routing
  • Reduced delays
Up to 93% of pilots using Cb-global rate it as highly accurate and reliable.
Up to 85% of pilots  see added value in terms of safety and efficiency.
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WxFUSION Cb-global data integrated in AVTECH
Electronic Flight Bag application ProFlight

For a free ProFlight Trial including WxFUSION’s Cb-global layer visit https://proflight.avtech.aero/

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Thunderstorm, turbulence and lightning cells around a planned flight route on proFLIGHT application together with detailed information on selected thunderstorm cell.

Airbus Safety-Weather

Cb global on Safety-Weather Platform

  • Visualisation of Cb global thunderstorm information in combination with airspace relevant data all over the globe
  • Access to Cb global data via an API
  • A cooperation with Airbus Defence and Space
Learn more in our Safety-Weather Brochure

Cb-global @ Eurocontrol MUAC

Cb-global in the controller position replay tool of Eurocontrol Maastricht Upper Aera Control Centre (MUAC).

An aircraft avoiding a thunderstorm reaching FL360 detectec ba Cb-global.

CbNowFor6 @ Eurocontrol MUAC

CbNowFor6 evaluation in cooperation with an ANSP:
Successful and reliable thunderstorm prediction up to 6 hrs in advance.

3-hr thunderstorm likelihood prediction for 12:00 UTC:
The dotted contours denote thunderstorm cells with lightning observed at this time.