What is CbNowFor6?

  • provides thunderstorm nowcasting and forecasting up to 6 hours in advance
  • combines data from observations, nowcasting methods, and high resolution forecast models
  • renders likelihoods of thundestorm occurrence
  • a tool especially designed for decision-makers
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What are the CbNowFor6 special features?

  • high accuracy of the forecasts due to sophisticated data fusion
  • smooth and consistent transition from observation to forecast
  • 5 minutes update rate
  • applicable over Europe, adaptable to any region worldwide
  • reliability proven and confirmed by aviation customers

How is the CbNowFor6 information available?

  • Output of contours around areas with thunderstorm likelihoods exceeding defined thresholds
  • Self-explanatory graphics on geographical maps
  • GML/XML data which are easy to implement in your displays and systems