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WxFUSION Cb-global data integrated in AVTECH
Electronic Flight Bag application proFLIGHT

Cooperation since 2017, Cb-global data available on safety-weather platform

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Successful trials of Cb-global and CbNowFor6 at Eurocontrol Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC).

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Partnership since 2015. Earth Networks provides global lightning data to WxFUSION.

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Frank Salzgeber, Head of Technology Transfer Programme at European Space Agency:

New quality weather informaton is becoming more and more important nowadays as we see by requests from all over the world and different customer groups. We are extremely proud of having incubated award-winning WxFUSION in one of our ESA Business Incubaton Centers (ESA BIC Oberpfaffenhofen), a shooting star amongst our innovatve startups materializing on satellite earth observaton and other data for new applicatons in terrestrial markets.

Open PDF document: ESA-Testimonial – FrankSalzgeber

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Prof. Dr. Pascale Ehrenfreund, Chair of the Executive Board German Aerospace Center (DLR):

„…WxFUSION is a spin-off of our DLR Institute of Atmospheric Physics, providing unequaled thunderstorm detection and nowcasting services – the key to safer flying – combined with enhanced commercial efficiency for airlines, airports and air navigation service providers.
It is an integral part of DLR’s policy to bring our world-leading research results and technical expertise into market driven use cases and thereby create mutual benefits for customers as well as the society. We are closely collaborating with WxFUSION – including the core technology transferred from DLR to WxFUSION – to fully meet the demands in flight weather forecasting to foster the company’s powerful access to the global marketplace. We strongly appreciate the professional commitment and passion of the founders of WxFUSION to turn T-storm information into a known and controllable factor for aviation – in a local and a worldwide scale…“

Open PDF document: DLR Spin-Off WxFUSION

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For the past 35 years, Kaltenberg (Bavaria) has hosted the renowned medieval festival and its great Knights’ Tournament. Since 2014, the organizers are relying on WxFUSION’s AutoAlert e-mail system for timely warnings about approaching thunderstorms. Throughout the three tournament weekends every year, the organizers receive automatic e-mail alerts to facilitate their advanced planning.