What is Cb-global?

Based on satellite data from six geostationary satellites Cb-global.

  • identifies and tracks thunderstorms with highest precision
  • provides a forecast up to one hour (= nowcasting). 
  • discriminates different development stages like e.g. rapid vertical cloud growth, mature thunderstorms, and turbulent clouds related to thunderstorms

in addition, lightning data are used to identify lightning cells

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What are the Cb-global special features?

  • near real time situational awareness 
  • up to 5 minutes update rates of detection and nowcasting
  • global coverage of consistent thunderstorm information
  • reliability proven and confirmed by aviation customers with highest requirements 

How is the Cb-global information available?

  • Output of thunderstorms as hazard objects including attributes like cloud top height, moving speed, moving direction …
  • Self-explanatory graphics on geographical maps
  • GML/XML data which are easy to implement in your displays and systems