Innovative meteorological technologies developed at theInstitute of Atmospheric Physics of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) detect, track, and forecast thunderstorms for up to one hour. They capture thunderstorms as objects, thereby marking areas as dangerous for air traffic due to the possibility of lightning, turbulence, icing, or hail. Basically, two nowcasting systems, i.e. Rad-TRAM and Cb-global, are in operation for providing thunderstorm information for the terminal manoeuvring area and for en route traffic, respectively.

Another system (AutoAlert) automatically sends out e-mail alerts to decision-makers at the airports affected by the potential dangers. These cutting-edge methods have been successfully tested at Munich Airport in real-time and are used as part of daily operations. These new technologies are playing an important role in making air traffic even more safe and efficient.


Thanks to these new technologies, everyone involved in air and ground decision making has access to the same information regarding developing thunderstorms. The benefits cannot be overstated: On the one hand, increased safety and comfort for passengers, and on the other, greater efficiency through improved flight traffic planning, fuel savings, and fewer delays.

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